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About Play Consulting

Play Consulting is a small, network-based consulting company founded by Mathias Poulsen. Most of our work is done in collaboration with smart people from around the world, representing both research and practice, public and private organizations alike. Our primary focus is on play and playfulness, since we believe we all benefit from learning, working and living more playfully.

We are involved in longer projects, strategic development, sparring, creative experiments and we also offer a range of customized talks, workshops, webinars, articles etc.


Some of the projects & organizations we have been involved with:

  • #skolechat
  • Aalborg University
  • Aarhus University
  • The Animation Workshop
  • Dansk IT
  • Dokk1
  • EdCamp Denmark
  • GameIT College
  • LEGO
  • Libraries
  • Interactive Denmark
  • International Play Association Denmark
  • Microsoft
  • Municipalities (e.g. Herning, Holstebro, Viborg, Helsingør)
  • Redia
  • Restudy
  • Seismonaut
  • Serious Games Interactive
  • Schools (primary and upper secondary)
  • The Transport Training Board of Denmark
  • University of Southern Denmark