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Ibelieve play and particularly playfulness is and should be a core component of life, and that all of us, children and adults alike, will become better if we’re allowed to approach the world in more playful ways. We are always eager to contribute to any initiative that aims to inspire and encourage more people to live more playful lives, for the benefit of individuals, organizations and societies at large. We don’t do “playwashing“, since we insist play must be real, a part of our culture and we must understand the deeper nature of play instead of seeing play as icing on the cake.

Our biggest adventure has been creating and developing the CounterPlay festival, which has been succesful in demonstrating the importance of play everywhere, and in cultivating a diverse, passionate community. The festival is drawing people from all over the world, and is increasingly recognized as an important contribution to the global play community.


We’re good at:

Challenging The Status Quo

When you play, there is no “politics of necessity”, and you are not bound by tradition or rules that can’t be changed. When you play, all of this is negotiated among the players, which enables you to see the world in a new light.

This is a big part of what we do, asking questions and challenging “the way things are”.

Bridging Gaps Between Disciplines

lay is a hugely complex and ambiguous phenomenon, which can’t be understood from any one position. To better comprehend the nature of play, we must learn from many fields of research, as well as experiences and insights from the different domains in which play is practiced.

This is mirrored in our approach, which is always multidisciplinary, drawing on knowledge from research and practice, seeing the challenges ahead from numerous perspectives and working with a wide range of professionals.

Creating Spaces for Play

Play can happen anywhere, but it needs good conditions to really thrive.

If you want to cultivate a playful culture, you must pay attention to some of the underlying issues: do you allow for experiments and failures? Do people feel a certain degree of safety? Can anyone participate and challenge the status quo?

We often work on identifying and adressing these issues, as spaces can be essential in accomodating for play.

Creative Experiments

When you play, you are essentially engaging in creative experiments, where the outcome is usually unknown. You focus on the process and on having a good experience, but this often leads to new and very interesting places.

We are constantly involved in a number of creative experiments, where we design approaches, concepts and solutions in open and playful ways. This allows for positive experiences driven by the participants, but it also results in new and valuable insights.

Making Things Happen

When you play, you do something, you participate.

While we’re always drawing on numerous sources of knowledge and insight, we insist that the best way of learning is through iterative experiments and rapid prototyping. When we set out to solve a problem, we do so by making a series of experiments and causing the changes we would like to see.

Strategic Development
If you want to make some deep, lasting changes, and to incorporate playfulness into your daily practices, we can help with developing the strategic framework.

Do you want to play?

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